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Very, very personal. Symphonic, intimate, poetic, rocky, delicate, energetic.

Among the most relevant names of the new generation of peninsular jazzmen, pianist and composer José Carra stands out by his own merits.  He defends a stylistic eclecticism where jazz meets rock and classical music. Poetry also plays a key role in his compositions, creating a very personal and recognizable universe. In addition to the projects as a leader, Jose Carra has performed and recorded with musicians of prestige such as Sheila Jordan, Peter Bernstein, Chris Cheek, Stanley Jordan, Perico Sambeat Roberta Gambarini, Deborah Carter, and flamenco musicians like Miguel Poveda, Argentina, Jorge Pardo, Javier Colina and Carles Benavent.



Carra surrenders to the melancholic sensibility, to the romantic delight in an evocative narrative that approaches the proposal  to the programmatic music, detaching in its journey a mixture of aerial emotions and repetitive motives.

Carra deploy his full potential on the piano, immerses himself in his personal world of sound made up of original compositions, reinterpretations of music from all genres and improvisations.