Giulia Valle, composer, arranger, and bass player, is one of the most prolific, original, and international voices in Barcelona’s jazz scene. She has always combined her particular richness of ideas, composing her own universe of sound, uniquely diverse and distinct, with an extraordinary ability to put “together and lead creative teams, devoted to her music, which she systematically arranges and rearranges until her tracks are pushed to the front of everything. A factor that has led her to play in important venues as the Blue Note NY, the San Francisco Jazz Center, the Montreal Festival and other European and transoceanic festivals.


Eclectic, intense, evocative, seductive and more stimulating than ever, Giulia Valle Ensemble release Eden Club, the eighth album of the artist. With an overflowing live show with a collective of musicians where we find established musicians of the national jazz scene as David Pastor, Dani Domínguez, Martí Serra, Gorka Benítez, Roger Mas, Raynald Colom… next to emerging artists as Tom Amat , Vicent Perez, Adrià Claramunt or Fèlix Rossy among others.


With “Live in San Francisco,” Giulia dives into the concept and soundscape of the trio, performing vibrant concerts in which the common denominator is the extensive interaction between the three instrumentalists and Valle’s always-captivating music. On this occasion, Giulia introduces two young musicians who are very promising as well as skilled and extremely creative, Tom Amat and Adrià Claramunt.