Guided by the mystical tunes and the abrasive flow by the charismatic Walead Ben Selim, N3rdistan from Morocco makes a bold fusion. Between rock, trip hop, electro, oriental-beat with world influences, this quartet effortlessly mixes digital power, ancestral Arabic poetry, African keys, and Qanoon. N3rdistan is an exciting live act, using personal texts and famous freedom poets like Mahmoud Darwich, Gibran Khalil an Nizar Qabbani, tweaking samples and sounds from all over the world.   

N3rdistan has managed to reproduce in ناتسدرن, its first and revolutionary album, all its scenic power.

Tafa7aLlkayl – N3RDISTAN
T3ichwTchouf – N3RDISTAN
Toub-3lina – N3RDISTAN